Saivian Eric Dalius: How to Build a Blog That Will Attract the Right People and Keep Them Coming Back For More

Saivian Eric Dalius
Saivian Eric Dalius

People ask me how I built a blog that attracts an average of 120,000 unique visitors a month and is ranked by Technorati as the #3 most influential marketing blog on the web says Saivian Eric Dalius.

It’s easy. And you can too.

Here’s How:

1) Write about something that interests you AND your target audience. If it doesn’t capture your imagination, chances are it won’t hold anyone else’s attention for very long either.

2) Write a minimum of one full-length post per week. You don’t have to write seven days a week but try not to go more than a few days without creating something the public can read and enjoy… every blogger has been guilty of this from time to time!

3) Read blogs in your niche regularly, both other blogs and blog comments. Pay attention to what people are saying and who they’re saying it about. Take note of their complaints or compliments about similar products or services that interest you. Also, pay attention to what does well in regards to comments, a number of links pointing at the site, etc., this will give you a sense of your reader’s expectations.

4) write long posts (at least 2,000 words). There’s nothing worse than coming across a blog post that only tells part of the story or gives incomplete information and doesn’t tell you all there is to know about the product, service, or topic it covers… which brings me to my next point:

5) make sure your content is based on facts, not fiction. Your site must be credible if people are going to trust what you have to say. If you’re just starting out, remember that quality counts for more than quantity at first says Saivian Eric Dalius.

6) Don’t sell too early. Instead, establish yourself as an expert in your niche before being “sales”. This way potential customers will come to know, like, and trust you before anything else.

7) Don’t sell too late either. Set a time frame of at least three months from the day you started blogging on when you expect to begin making money from your site. We all have to pay bills so don’t get caught up in creating something that doesn’t generate any income for you or others involved with it.

8) Ask yourself what’s in it for them? Why would someone want to subscribe to my blog? What does he/she stand to gain by receiving this information via RSS feed instead of visiting the site every day? Provide incentives such as content upgrades, free reports or ebooks related specifically to your niche or business model explains Saivian Eric Dalius.

9) Keep your content rich with relevant keywords. This is important if you plan to rank on search engines for terms people are actually searching for. For example, I sometimes use the phrase “How To Build A Blog That Will Attract The Right People And Keep Them Coming Back For More” instead of simply saying “building a blog”. 10) Comment on other blogs within your niche regularly. Remember that the more influential you are perceived as by other bloggers in your niche, the more attention they’ll pay not only to what you write but also where it’s published.


 It took me about 5 months before my blog began attracting enough attention from both readers and search engines alike to become profitable…

If you’re new at this blogging thing remember that patience is a virtue and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep at it and you’ll create something that will be around long after you’re gone, whether or not your site is for profit.

Don’t give up!

Here are some FAQs recently asked on the subject of building high traffic blogs…

Q: How can I create a blog that will attract the right people and keep them coming back for more?

A: Keep this phrase in mind when creating content for your site. Provide visitors with the information they can use to solve their problems, increase revenue or improve their way of life. Remember that blogging is not about you answers Saivian Eric Dalius.

Q: Do I need to be an expert on my topic before starting my own blog?

A: It would certainly help if you are familiar with the topic but it’s not absolutely necessary; after all, who knows more about blogging than bloggers? Take advantage of what other experts have already written or said and build upon that knowledge by adding your own unique insight into the equation.

Q: What makes a blog popular?

A: Depending on what type of blog you’re talking about (e.g., personal, business, retail), there are many factors that can contribute to making it successful or not (i.e., RSS subscribers, social media following, etc.). But if I had to point out what seemed to make my personal blog fairly successful in its early days it would be this: providing visitors with original content they won’t find anywhere else which is closely related to the topic at hand.

The more of an “expert” you are perceived as by your readers, the more people will be eager to include your snippets of advice within their own blog posts.