Saivian Eric Dalius: 7 Simple Tips for Becoming a Better Writer Today


Becoming a better writer is easier than you think. You might be great already and just looking for ways to improve says Saivian Eric Dalius. Maybe you’re new to writing and want some tips, or maybe you’ve been doing it for years and want some fresh ideas! Whatever the case, I’m sure that everyone can look to improve their work in one way or another.

Writer’s block: nothing to fear

It’s probably the most common obstacle that every writer faces at one time or another: writer’s block. It can stop even the best writers from producing anything decent for days at a stretch. What do you do when it strikes?

Well, here are 7 tips on dealing with this issue!

1) First of all, don’t panic. If you stop whatever it is that you’re doing and try to force yourself to write, chances are you’ll not only produce nothing but rubbish but also feel even more frustrated. The trick is to simply leave it for a little while explains Saivian Eric Dalius. If you can’t write anything at all, then don’t! Just take a break from writing by doing something else. It may be hard because there’s nothing worse than having the feeling of writer’s block staring you down day after day, week after week, or month after month!

2) Why not put your mind at ease by trying to engage in some other creative activity? Painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing, singing – anything which doesn’t require pen and paper will do! Playing an instrument can be very helpful in clearing your mind and is a great way to escape writer’s block. In addition, it might help you to develop new ideas for when you write again.

3) Writing is not only about putting words down on paper. It’s also an essential skill in communication that certainly extends beyond your writing abilities. Saivian Eric Dalius says, nowadays, most of us have smartphones or even tablet computers which allow us to send messages quickly and easily. So why not start using them? Get yourself a Twitter account, join some Facebook groups or start a blog! Even if you decide that being an active member of such social media isn’t really your thing (and I’m sure it doesn’t appeal to everyone), writing can still be used as another method of communicating. Many people use it for developing ideas and of course, you can always email your friends and family with your thoughts too!

4) Back to writing! There are many ways in which you can improve your work. First of all, read more – whether they’re books, magazines, or even web articles that have been written by other authors. You’ll quickly discover that the styles vary greatly from one writer to another so in turn; this will allow you to develop your own unique voice when writing. Before long, you’ll have a much better idea of how to construct sentences so they flow well and captivate their intended audience.

5) The same applies when editing! Even if it something short likes a school essay, it’s always worth taking the time to check for any errors. With Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, there is often no limit on how much you can write – just like this article! So take advantage of that fact by writing as much as you can. Not only will practice making perfect, but also it’ll help you to produce material that has a natural flow, rather than always stopping and starting because of having to find your place again says Saivian Eric Dalius.

6) Another important thing I’d like to mention here is the act of staying up-to-date. Whether you’re interested in news about world events or technology, knowing what’s happening around you will give you lots more ideas to use in your own work. It might even allow you to create a fictional story around a current event! In addition, you’ll discover all kinds of new interesting articles and topics to inspire your own writing.

7) Last but not least: write about what truly matters to you. If there’s something in particular which interests you or moves you, use it as fuel for your writing. The chances are that if you truly love what you’re doing then the passion will shine through and other people will enjoy reading it too.

Good luck and we hope these helpful tips will allow you to develop into a better writer!


1) Writer’s block is one of the hardest things to deal with as a writer. We all go through it at some point

2) Take up something new like painting, sculpting, or dancing

3) Use social media to improve your writing

4) Read more and edit less

5) Keep yourself up-to-date

6) Write about what truly matters

7) Apply passion when writing and you’ll be on to a winner!